Higher education : inaugural address at St. John's College within the University of Sydney / by Roger Bede Vaughan


Higher education : inaugural address at St. John's College within the University of Sydney / by Roger Bede Vaughan


Vaughan, Roger Bede, 1834-1883


Sydney : J.J. Moore




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Introduction -- Section 1. Pagan teaching. Great men, centres of culture -- The Greeks, - poets, sophists, rhetoricians -- Men of Science -- Beginnings of university teaching -- Athens -- Socrates, Plato, Aristotle -- Alexandria -- Blots in Greek training -- Rome -- Rome compared with Greece -- The great flaw in Pagan schools -- Section II. Catholic teaching of the past. Love or enthusiasm introduced by Christ -- Directly opposed to the pagan principle -- Love, the root of the Christian principle -- Testimony of Pascal -- Tests of Christian love, courage, fear of sin -- Directive principle of the new enthusiasm -- Relation of the Christian to the pagan principle -- Origin of Christian schools, Christ, the Apostles, bishops -- School of S. Mark at Alexandria -- Pant├Žnus -- S. Clement, his method -- Origen -- S. Basil, S. Gregory of Nazianzus -- S. Jerome, S. Chrysostom, S. Augustine -- Fall of the Western Empire -- The church civilizes the world again -- S. Benedict -- Benedictine influence and teaching -- Venerable Bede -- Schools of Ireland -- Charlemagne and Alcuin in France -- King Alfred in England -- Causes of the development of learning -- Monastic teaching insufficient -- Paris, seed-plot of universities -- Growth of universities -- University-cities under the Pope -- Oxford founded by great Catholic bishops -- Great interest of Popes in universities - the Sapienza -- Still the schools not immaculate -- Immorality and infidelity in spite of Roman authority -- The Sorbonne -- Rules for scholars -- Influence of the Holy See over universities -- State of Italian schools -- Guardianship of the church over faith and morals in the schools -- The church alone adequate to restrain pride of intellect and human passion -- Section III. Catholic teaching of the present. The Quod Divina Sapientia of Pope Leo XII -- Reflection of St. Augustine -- Pope Leo's address at the Sapienza -- His encyclical -- Spirit of Pope Leo's Bull on education -- The church invariable in her fundamental principles -- The Christianity to-day -- Principles of "the most complete and refined science of the day" -- Testimony of Mr. Llewelyn Davis to the spread of scepticism in England -- Dr. Carpenter's view -- The Dublin review, Mr. Leslie Stephens, and Mr. Sherer -- Mr. Lecky on the evil effects of rationalism -- One cause of infidelity -- Reaction against the "advanced thinkers," Mr. Forsyth -- Mr. Martineau -- Professor Pritchard, Sir J. Herschel, Professor Agassiz -- Professors Sedgwick, Aldis, and Maxwell -- Scientific men contradict each other -- The church a firm stand-point -- Her unchangeable character ; her teaching on science -- Higher education, her instrument for maintaining truth -- Efforts of Pius IX in this direction - the University of Dublin, energy and generosity of the Irish people -- University of Louvain, its rapid development -- Speech of Mgr, Cartuivalis -- College of Higher Studies in England -- Pastoral letter of the English bishops -- Catholic principles still in full force -- Root of the educational difficulty -- Principle of the Sydney University and colleges -- View of Sir Charles Nicholson -- Dr. Woolley invokes the spirit of Elfred -- To teach Catholicity in the main duty of St. John's -- A double guarantee of orthodoxy -- Harmonious action of the university and the college -- Practical view of Catholics -- Nothing less than the present compromise would satisfy them -- Conclusion -- Appendix


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Pius IX and the revolution : a pastoral letter to the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Sydney / by Roger Bede, Archbishop of Sydney
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Wardell's copy of this text is a sammelband which binds in two other works by Vaughan that were originally published separately.


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